Tie Clips

Tie Clips by TYLER & TYLER.  Add that sartorial finishing touch to your tie with a stunning  TYLER & TYLER Tie Clip.

The collection features a selection of high quality die-struck, hand-enamelled metal tie clips. All TYLER & TYLER Tie Clips are produced in an Anti-tarnish Silver finish.  Stamped on the reverse with TYLER & TYLER ENGLAND.  Proudly designed and manufactured in-house in our Birmingham, England factory by our team of skilled craftsman.

Each TYLER & TYLER Tie Clip is produced to the highest standard ensuring that they are an Mens’ Accessory that will stand the test of time and look as good as new in years to come – in turn forming part of your sustainable wardrobe.

All TYLER & TYLER Tie Clips are presented in a beautiful TYLER & TYLER Presentation Box.

History of the Tie Clip

The Tie Clip came into prominence as a mens’ fashion accessory in the 1920s as the successor to the Tie Pin.

In the late 1800s mens’ neckwear was produced from very light fabrics, which creased easily and were easily blown around by wind, so the Tie Pin was a necessary gents tool.  Also, during this period the waistcoat was high fashion worn by every gent, warranting the tie clip unnecessary.

In the 1920s tailors began to create what we know as today’s ties.  They were produced in heavier fabrics and out of three pieces of material cut at 45 degree angle, which prevented wrinkling and allowed the tie to lay flat.  It was at this point the Tie Clip became a popular accessory.  In World War One the Tie Clip became part of British Military Officer Uniform.

The Tie Clip has been the mens’ fashion accessory of choice by many style icons from Fred Astaire to James Bond.

How To wear a Tie Clip

The Tie Clip can be likened to the mouth of a crocodile – two pieces of metal hinged on a spring mechanism.  You simply open the mouth of the tie clip and clasp it to your tie and the front of your shirt placket.  This will keep you tie straight and in position.  It will also prevent it from flapping about in the wind when you are running to catch that train!